About Us

Chocolate Barks PH is the first one to introduce Chocolate Barks and Chocolate Bomb in the Philippines. It was established on August 2018, and is among the first in the field of online business in the Philippines. All of our products are homemade and is created from the finest available ingredients in the market. Moreover, the recipe is made and developed by our very own founder and owner, Ms. Nadine Jerome.

Our chocolate barks comes in different types: Dark, Milk, and White. Furthermore, it is topped with sweet yet healthy treats which certainly enhances the chocolate’s flavor. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth cravings!

As much as possible, we would also like to minimize the use of plastics and other materials which harms our environment. For that, our products comes with eco-friendly packaging which are carefully handcrafted to ensure that the products are properly sealed.

Chocolate Barks PH is also in partnership with various charity groups. Aside from producing high-quality chocolates, our aim is also to build and open our very first physical store and be able to branch it out; hence, labeling it as the first local chocolate barks store in the Philippines.